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CALA is pleased to be an Aging2.0 Alliance Association Affiliate. The Alliance is an interdisciplinary, international, innovation community working together to improve the lives of older adults around the world. Its membership includes innovative senior care providers, technology companies, corporations, advisory services, and Associations.

How CALA Members Can Benefit from Aging2.0

As an Aging2.0 Alliance Association Affiliate, CALA will be able to keep members up-to-date on the latest technology developments and provide enhanced access to Aging2.0 educational and technology opportunities. CALA members benefits include:

  • Aging2.0 CoverAGE innovation news delivered through CALA’s publications
  • 20% discount for Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE and local Aging2.0 chapter events
  • 20% discount on Aging2.0 webinars
  • Priority for pilot opportunities over non-affiliated associations

How to Access Aging2.0 Services and Resources

CALA will keep members apprised of Aging2.0-related information, discounts, and opportunities on this page and in other member communications. Receive discount pricing by entering your CALA member password. Don’t remember? Just ask

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Alerts / Newsletter
To receive Aging2.0 alerts and the bi-weekly CoverAGE newsletter directly, you can subscribe at
If you wish to have a deeper-level of engagement and benefits from the Aging2.0 Alliance, you can become a member of the Aging2.0 Alliance directly. Contact Scott Peifer, VP of Alliance Development, for details at

More Information

For more information about CALA’s involvement with Aging2.0 and how you can benefit, contact Jan Trifiro at or 916-448-1900. Visit the Aging2.0 website at