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as well as people in the broader community. And prior to
that, there are lots of ways that residents will be preparing
for the day.
Several months ago they were visited by the League of
Women Voters, who held a registration drive to allow
interested residents and team members the ability to
register to vote. The group will be returning in October to
give a non-partisan presentation on the November election.
They will discuss with residents all of the propositions on
the ballot and go over what a vote for and against each
one means, as well as going over the arguments for and
against each one. Being a presidential election, they will also
highlight the candidates during their discussion and take
time to answer questions from the group.
Rodriguez also discussed their weekly current events
class, NewsCurrents, which highlights a handful of global
news stories. “It is targeted towards the senior population
and includes reminiscent pieces and opinion polls,” says
Rodriguez. Recently a community college group visited
Sunrise at Alta Loma and led that week’s NewsCurrents
group. The popular session provided an opportunity
for discussions between people of all different beliefs,
backgrounds, and life stages. Rodriguez believes it was a
great opportunity for all participants to learn from each
other and help one another see situations from a different
perspective. Rodriguez reported that it was probably one of
their most popular and enjoyable classes to date, and the
college group has already requested to return for a future
session with the residents.
Programs like this help residents stay connected with
the world and their community and help the community
stay connected to them. Rodriguez notes, “Our residents
enjoy getting this snapshot of today’s events and news
stories.” Residents engage in the topics and help each other
understand social issues and how they relate to issues of
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