Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Planning Regulations

RCFEs are required by AB 749 (Wolk) to have disaster preparedness plans in place. Communities can model their plans on the DSS Disaster Preparedness Guide . CALA encourages the regular review of disaster plans and continual staff training to ensure everyone knows how to respond in an emergency situation.

Please note that the DSS Disaster Preparedness Guide has not yet been updated to reflect AB 749.

Resources & Best Practices

Disaster Preparedness Tips from CALA Members
CALA members know from experience that well-thought-out, comprehensive disaster plans are vital to ensuring the safety of residents and staff. Because of this, many of the ideas gathered here in go above and beyond the law’s requirements for disaster preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living,” CALA News & Views Spring 2013
Learn how comprehensive preparedness planning can greatly help Assisted Living communities meet the needs of residents during a natural disaster.

Other Organizations

CA Office of Emergency Services
Continually updated to address the current needs of the state, this website offers preparation information as well as information on how to contact your local office of emergency services.

Care & Compliance Group’s Disaster and Emergency Manual
Specifically reworked to address the requirements of AB 749, this guide covers what is required of providers and ideas on addressing changes.

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
This website offers timely information on specific hazards as well as ways to prepare for all possible hazards.

US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
These tips and ideas for how to evaluate your emergency drills will help identify areas of improvement and track changes over time.