Medication Management

Medication Management in Assisted Living

A majority of Assisted Living residents require assistance with medication adherence. However, because Assisted Living is not a medical model, staff members can provide medication assistance only. This includes reminding residents when it’s time to take meds, storing and handing meds to residents, and documenting residents’ medication history.

Medication Regulations

The storage, labeling, and record-keeping of resident medications is covered under Title 22, Section 87465 .

In 2016, medication training requirements were increased. For more information, visit the Staff Training page.

Resources & Best Practices

Toolkit for Reducing Antipsychotic Use (Members Only)
Download this toolkit to track the number of residents with dementia that have orders for antipsychotic medications and ways to promote non-pharmacological interventions.

Medication Management FAQ (Members Only)
Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about medication management in Assisted Living, including handling of specific medicines, hospice care, and training.

CALA News & Views Spring 2011: Medication Management
This issue of the CALA News & Views provides in-depth exploration of topics such as staff training, polypharmacy, and methods for safe and consistent medication assistance.

Other Organizations

Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medicine (SIRUM)
SIRUM is an online community connecting safety-net clinics with donated drugs from suppliers, pharmacies, health facilities and RCFEs in California.