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cala 2017 summer news and views

Summer 2017: The Executive Director

In this issue:

  • Top 5 Tips for Executive Directors
  • Excellent Executive Directors
  • But When Do I Sleep?
CALA News Views Spring 2017

Spring 2017: Family
In this issue:

  • All in the Family
  • Family in Transition
  • Family Involvement: An Integral Part of the Resident Experience
CALA News Views Winter 2017

Winter 2017: Engage
In this issue:

  • Six Ways to Engage with the Larger Community
  • Purposeful, Interactive, Authentic: The Philosophy and Importance of Engagement
  • Promoting the Health and Welfare of Our Residents
CALA News Views Summer 2016

Fall 2016: Aspire
In this issue:

  • A Quality Life to be Found in Assisted Living
  • Strengthening the System of Compliance: An Interview with Pam Dickfoss, Deputy Director, Community Care Licensing Division
  • Consent Issues in Dementia Care

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Spring 2016: Quality of Care, Quality of Life
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