2007-2008 Legislation


AB 2370 (Bass) Rate History Disclosure
Opposition Removed
This bill requires licensed RCFEs to prepare a document on or before January 31 of each year disclosing average monthly rate increases, inclusive of rates for living units and services, over the previous three years. The average amount of the increase as well as the average percentage of the increase must be disclosed. This written disclosure is to be provided to every resident or resident’s representative upon signing the admission agreement, as well as any prospective residents. While most providers already share this information upon request, this new law will ensure that all consumers have access to the information. CALA was able to work with Speaker Bass on amendments which enabled us to remove our opposition. The final language provides helpful information to all prospective residents while at the same time respecting the privacy concerns of current residents.


AB 749 (Wolk) Disaster Plans
AB 749 enhances the current disaster plan requirements by providing that all communities must have a plan to be self-reliant for up to 72 hours following any emergency or disaster. While much of AB 749 is already required or recommended by CCLD, the bill will result in a higher standard that all providers must comply with. CALA is pleased to have been able to work with Assemblymember Wolk on this important legislation benefiting providers and consumers.


AB 978 (Benoit) Enforcement
Oppose Unless Amended
This bill strengthens the enforcement methods for serious health and safety violations in CCLD-licensed facilities. AB 978 defines serious violations warranting civil penalties of up to $150 per day and authorizes DSS to use civil penalties to ensure the health and safety of persons provided care and supervision by licensees. The bill also requires DSS to ensure that a licensee’s plan of correction is verifiable and measurable. It requires DSS to specify in its licensing report violations which, if not corrected, will present an immediate risk to the health, safety, or personal rights of clients, and place a note of final conclusion in the facility’s file after its investigation is completed.


AB 2947 (Eng) Anti-Arbitration in AL
The Governor, recognizing the benefits of arbitration, vetoed AB 2947 which would have placed severe restrictions in the right to arbitrate disputes in Assisted Living. CALA lobbied aggressively against this bill and benefits from strong grassroots efforts by members—thanks to everyone who wrote letters!


AB 759 (Karnette) Fire Safety
This bill would have required annual fire safety inspections for RCFEs licensed for 6 or fewer residents and authorized fees to cover the cost of the inspections. Originally, this bill required 6-bed facilities to be fully sprinklered. It was amended due to prior vetoes and DSS opposition to that requirement. The annual fire safety inspections were intended to provide additional safeguards without the expense of sprinklers. The Governor vetoed the bill due to concerns that additional costs to providers would reduce access to housing and care for California’s seniors.


AB 2598 (Leno) Rent Control in Assisted Living
This bill, which would have allowed local jurisdictions to impose rent control on Assisted Living, was not taken up for a vote on the Assembly Floor prior to the deadline, and is now dead. During the final days of this bill, there was growing recognition that imposing rent control on a 24-hour licensed care provider was counterproductive and could likely end up seriously harming this model of care which consumers find so desirable. What remains, however, is a strong interest in expanding access to Assisted Living services. CALA is committed to working with Assemblymember Leno and others to do just that.