2009-2010 Legislation


AB 762 (Lowenthal) Bedridden
Sponsored by CALA, this bill requires that RCFE residents who need assistance transferring to and from bed, but not assistance turning or repositioning, are considered nonambulatory for purposes of fire clearance. The STD 850 shall reflect these residents as nonambulatory and a nonambulatory fire clearance is required for these residents/clients. Alternately, RCFE residents who need assistance turning or repositioning in bed continue to be considered bedridden for purposes of fire clearance. The STD 850 will reflect these residents as bedridden.


SB 781 (Leno) Eviction Procedures
Opposition Removed
This bill changes the required information in an eviction notice. Most notably, it requires the notice to include specific language regarding the unlawful detainer process that will be pursued if a resident does not comply with the three-day or 30-day notice.


SB 1329 (Leno) Financial Distress Indication Notices
This bill would have required licensees to notify CCLD and, in some instances, residents and applicants for potential residence, of specified events that might indicate financial distress. SB 1329 was a response to foreclosures on several small communities that were not handled well. CALA obtained significant amendments early in the process and has remained neutral on the bill. It was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger due to workload concerns


SB 892 (Alquist) Addition of Non-exemptible Crimes
This bill would have added additional offenses to the current DSS list of non-exemptible crimes with respect to employment in any capacity at an RCFE. This bill was an effort to increase consistency between DSS, which clears all community care facility employees, and the Department of Public Health, which clears CNAs. The bill did not address any other inconsistencies between the programs. CALA has long supported a strong and effective screening process, and testified in support of this bill. SB 892 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee due to significant cost to DSS to restructure its criminal background check system.