Advocacy in Three Acts

All of Shakespeare’s comedic plays were written with three acts. In the first act, the major players and their relationships are established. The second act consists of rising action and building excitement. In the third, we reach the climax of the story: friends are reunited and celebrate together.

This is a story of advocacy in three acts. The story begins at CALA’s 2012 Day in Your District, when Huntington Terrace Executive Director Leslie Quintanar first meets with Ronnie Guyer, Field Representative for Assemblymember Jim Silva. Guyer mentions that he would love to visit Huntington Terrace, and Quintanar extends an invitation to an upcoming event.

In the second act, Ronnie Guyer attends Huntington Terrace’s luau fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Association. Quintanar says, “While at the event he met with one of our residents who has been in some movies.” He was so impressed with the event and the community, says Quintanar, that “he called and asked if we’d be willing to have the Assemblymember visit so he too could meet our residents and see our community.”

Now the curtain opens on act three. Quintanar describes the visit:

We had a lovely two-hour lunch with Assemblymember Jim Silva, Ronnie Guyer, and two of our residents, a married couple. When they arrived, I had a few minutes to give Assemblymember Silva a quick overview of the community. He asked some good questions and mentioned that another time he’d like to have the opportunity to sit down with me and discuss what we do in the community and talk about Assisted Living. It was great being able to have the Assemblymember in the community!

Quintanar adds, “As they were leaving, Mr. Guyer mentioned that their office would be in touch with me soon regarding perhaps more opportunities where we can work with them.” Perhaps this is not just a three-act story…strong, long-lasting relationships with legislators and their staff are beneficial for California’s Assisted Living providers and the seniors they serve. Let’s keep writing the story of Assisted Living together!