Give a Presentation


CALA’s Voice of Assisted Living presentations tools were created to help you educate community groups about senior living and discuss key aging issues with local business, political, and opinion leaders. Access to these resources is a benefit of membership.


How to Give a Voice of Assisted Living Presentation

  1. Think about your contacts in the local community. Are you a member of your area’s Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Elks Lodge, or similar group? Do you participate in your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter? Or, maybe you are active in an alumni association, nonprofit organization, or networking group.
  2. Volunteer as a speaker or presenter with these groups. Let them know that, as the state’s population ages, you can be an expert source on key aging issues.
  3. Choose what to speak about from the topics below. Each topic contains a speech and PowerPoint presentation. Remember to keep your topic relevant to both the group you are addressing and your Assisted Living community.
  4. After completing your presentation, fill out this brief survey.


Aging Issues
Moving Beyond Aging Stereotypes New!
Dispelling Myths About Aging
Stresses and Joys of Caregiving

Senior Living
Quality of Life for Seniors and Their Family
Helping Loved Ones Make the Transition
Starting the Long-term Care Conversation

The Growing Impact of Dementia

Other Ways to Use the Voice of Assisted Living Presentations

  1. Attending a meeting with local thought leaders, but not formally presenting? These tools are also handy as talking points.
  2. Need content for a blog post, webpage, or resident newsletter? Feel free to use the content provided, attributable to CALA.
  3. Do you have a podcast or YouTube channel? Record an online presentation using these tools, then distribute to your virtual community.