Rapid Response Team


The Rapid Response Team is a platform for CALA members to help shape public policy remotely and confidentially. The email responses you provide to CALA will inform our Public Policy Committee’s decision-making process as we take positions on legislation, regulations, and other issues. Your input will also help us to develop useful tools and updates for CALA members.

How Does It Work?

  1. Questions will be emailed to team members on a regular basis.
  2. Send your brief or detailed answers to Selena Coppi Hornback, Associate Director of Public Policy.
  3. Responses will be used to inform CALA’s policy development process.

How Do I Get Involved?

Email Selena Coppi Hornback to sign up.

Sample Question:

There was recent legislation regulating advertising relating to senior veteran benefits. What has been your experience with the VA benefit and supporting organizations?

The Rapid Response Team is open to members only. Learn more about CALA membership