Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Requirements

CALA members led successful efforts to significantly strengthen emergency preparedness in the state’s RCFEs and CCRCs. According to AB 3098, authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Glendale), licensees are required to update their emergency preparedness plans with additional specificity, enhance and expand their staff training programs and drill exercises, and purchase evacuation chairs for each stairwell (effective July 1, 2019). To assist members in this process, CALA is providing proven resources to aid in compliance with the new law and offer additional considerations to further strengthen emergency preparedness.

AB 3098 Implementation Plan , December 2018

The Details: AB 3098 (Friedman) New and Existing Requirements (Members Only)
This document outlines requirements that are in place today and new provisions added by AB 3098, along with helpful tips for certain requirements.

Creating and Reviewing a Preparedness Plan

things to consider when developing emergency plan

Things to Consider When Developing an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan (Members Only)
This document provides ideas and considerations that CALA members have used successfully in emergencies to help guide discussions when reviewing or creating a plan.

things to consider when receiving evacuated residents

Things to Consider When Receiving Evacuated Residents
(Members Only)
This document helps you prepare in the event that you are called upon to receive evacuees.

things to consider when planning for psps

Things to Consider When Planning for a PSPS
(Members Only)
This document helps you prepare for a Planned Safety Power Shut-off by your utility company.

Community Care Licensing (CCLD) Disaster Response Homepage
This webpage provides Disaster Resources and County Resources to help communities prepare for disasters and deal with the aftermath.

Emergency Preparedness Web Resources
This curated list of state and federal web resources can help providers with staff training, community preparedness, emergency alerts, and disaster relief services.

Types of Emergencies
Learn how to prepare for a variety of emergencies and find out which types of emergencies you should prepare for based on geographic location.

Local Connectivity

Once your Emergency and Disaster Plan is updated, what else can you do to prepare? Visit the Local Connectivity page to learn about connecting with other providers and local emergency preparedness groups in your county.

Questions about emergency preparedness? Email Selena Coppi Hornback at sch@CAassistedliving.org.