Model CCRC Transfer and Review Protocol

ccrc transfer protocol

In late 2017, the California Legislature enacted AB 713 (Chu) amending the provisions in the continuing care statute dealing with the transfer of CCRC residents between levels of care. The effect was to change the statutory grounds on which a resident can be transferred, while at the same time, to give the resident greater procedural protections. Providers have been subject to the new standards and procedures since January 1, 2018. Hanson Bridgett has now revised its CCRC Transfer and Review Protocol to incorporate changes required by AB 713.

What Is Included

The Protocol contains an updated checklist and forms that take a CCRC through the transfer and review process in a way designed to comply with the legal requirements and with DSS’ interpretation of them. It is available in the following formats:

  • A zip file containing a PDF document and individual forms in Microsoft Word, which can be adapted by individual providers
  • A spiral bound hardcopy

How to Purchase

The revised Protocol is being made available for $300. Members who have questions or would like to order a copy should contact Crystal Pham at (415) 995-6442 or