Model Resident Information Privacy Policies and Procedures

HB Model Privacy Policies

The Model Privacy Policies and Procedures for Resident Information create standards for Assisted Living providers, drawing on HIPAA and California laws governing patient information in the health care setting to give guidance regarding the proper use and disclosure of resident information. The Model is suitable for companies that do not yet have their resident information privacy policy in place, and for Assisted Living executives who seek to refine their current company policies.

What Is Included

The Model is a 43-page, customizable Word document that covers the following topics:

  • Use of personal information within the provider
  • Disclosure of personal information outside the provider
  • Special privacy protections for residents
  • Electronic communications
  • Security incidents and breaches
  • Complaint process
  • Workforce training and discipline

The Model is accompanied by an introduction that explains the rationale and summarizes applicable legal standards.


The base price is $250 for CALA members and $500 for non-members plus $50 for each Assisted Living community that a provider operates in California. The maximum total is $1000 for CALA members and $1500 for non-members.

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    *Note: The Model Privacy Policies and Procedures were developed by Hanson Bridgett LLP, which serves as general counsel for CALA. Upon CALA’s receipt of the online order and processing of payment, the Model and Introduction will be emailed to the e-mail address provided. Any questions about the Model and/or Introduction should be directed to Allan Jergesen at Hanson Bridgett at