Health Care Reform

Health care reform will not just affect doctors, hospitals, and patients…its effects will be felt across the continuum of long-term services and support systems, including Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. The care you provide your residents, the connections you have with the medical community, and the benefits you provide your team members will all be altered by these reforms.

Health System Reforms

Visit Health System Reforms to learn about the Coordinated Care Initiative and how the continuum of care will be impacted.

Tracking Outcomes

Visit Tracking Outcomes to learn about the importance of tracking acute care transfer data and gain access to tools developed by INTERACT.

Communicating with Medical Providers

On Communicating with Medical Providers, find tips on how to become a part of the new care landscape.

Employer Reforms

Visit Employer Reforms to learn about new requirements regarding health insurance and benefits for employers.

For a comprehensive overview of the ACA and Assisted Living, read CALA News & Views, Winter 2013: The Future of Assisted Living.