Compliance Audit

DSS will soon be returning to annual inspections. Are you in full compliance? Find out where you stand with regulations by participating in CALA’s Compliance Audit program.

Tier 1: Self-Audit

This easy-to-use tool helps you see your community through an LPA’s eyes. You can use it to identify areas for improvement, reward departments with top scores, and prepare for future CCLD inspections. Free to CALA provider members and available for purchase to non-member providers.

Tier 2: Third-Party Audit

Want an unbiased, third-party review? This audit, which includes an exit interview and Certificate of Completion, is conducted by a professional third-party reviewer and helps providers achieve, maintain, and acknowledge compliance. This is a collaboration with Sandi Flores Consulting Group and is only available to CALA provider members .

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Member: FreeNon-Member: $195

Third-Party Audit*

Members Only: $495 (plus travel)

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*Note: CALA’s Third-Party Audit process is a collaboration with the Sandi Flores Consulting Group and is only available to CALA members. Upon CALA’s receipt of the online order, two agreements will be sent to you for completion and signing; one agreement will be mailed back to CALA and the other should be kept in your records. Payment can be made online or sent with the agreement. Once the completed agreement is received by CALA, the Sandi Flores Consulting Group will contact you to schedule the audit.