Regulatory Reminders


Through our members-only e-newsletter, CALA Update, we regularly publish Regulatory Reminders. These reminders explain Title 22 regulations in a way that’s easy to understand to help ensure compliance and quality care.

If you would like to receive the CALA Update, contact Katherine McLoskey or call (916) 448-1900. This is a benefit of membership.

Regulatory Reminders by Topic:

Admissions & Disclosure
Required Rate Disclosures (11/2/22)
Preadmission Fee Refunds (7/26/13)
Notice of Change in Level of Care that Triggers a Rate Increase (1/25/13)

Business Office
Records Retention (2/17/17)
Liability Insurance (5/1/15)

Dementia Care
Delayed Egress Requirements (9/17/14)

End of Life
Updated Hospice Regulations Impact Hospice Plan (1/8/16)
Admitting Residents on Hospice (7/25/14)
Hospice Waiver Documentation (9/6/13)
POLST Forms in RCFEs (4/19/13)

Deficiencies (3/15/19)

Electronic Physician Signatures & Hospital Discharge Summaries (9/13/19)
Assistance with Eye, Ear, and Nose Drops (10/17/14)
Bi-annual Review of Medication Program (4/4/14)
Documentation of PRN Orders (12/20/13)
Crushing Medication (5/17/13)

Reporting Requirements
Theft and Loss Policy (9/4/20)
Updated Abuse Reporting Requirements (2/17/17)

Resident Care
Call 911 (11/17/22)
Needs and Services Plan Documentation (1/24/20)
Emergency Preparedness (8/16/19)
Long-Term Care Ombudsman (3/29/18)
Planned Activities (6/30/17)
Documentation of Resident Care (11/14/13)

COVID-19 Required Postings (Updated 10/20/20)
Posting Requirements in RCFEs (2/14/18)
Advertisements and License Number (10/21/16)
Proposition 65 Warning Signs (7/1/16)
DSS Complaint Poster (5/6/16)
Pool Signage (5/3/13)

Temporary Staff (6/23/22)
Staff Training for Re-hired Direct Care Staff (7/27/18)
Abuse Training (5/25/18)
Staff Training Portability (12/15/17)
LGBT Training and Cultural Competency (12/2/16)
Qualifications for Caregiver Instructors (12/18/15)
Change of Administrator (5/26/15)
Required Review of Theft and Loss Policy (1/10/14)
Home Health in Assisted Living (6/28/13)