Culinary Knockout Competition

November 29, 2023 | SoCalGas Energy Resource Center, Downey CA

Senior Living Chefs

Seize this remarkable chance to represent your company as you inspire, mentor and guide emerging chefs, all the while fostering the advancement of culinary careers. Step into an electrifying competition format where handpicked chefs will be matched with a pair of community college culinary protégés. Meanwhile, each participating company will be granted a dedicated table for networking with attendees and showcasing promising career opportunities.

The distinguished Senior Living Chef awardee will not only take home a dazzling crystal award but also bask in the limelight with a feature in the acclaimed CALA News & Views magazine.

Culinary Students

If you’re a fan of reality TV cooking competitions, seize the opportunity to put your own culinary prowess on display at CALA’s upcoming Culinary Knockout Competition on November 29, 2023. The event will feature teams comprised of two community college culinary students paired with a seasoned Senior Living Chef. These teams will engage in a thrilling culinary face-off, navigating through three rounds of intense elimination-style challenges.

Alongside the coveted culinary knife-kit and a distinguished chef’s coat, the top three teams’ student competitors will also share in the distribution of these enticing cash prizes:

  • 1st prize – $1500
  • 2nd prize – $800
  • 3rd prize – $500

Check out these highlights from the previous competition.

To Apply

The deadline for all submissions is Oct. 1, 2023.

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