Entering the Profession

Research shows building a team of quality staff members leads to a high quality of life for residents. To support you in your efforts to develop and retain new employees as well as current staff, here are a few items at your disposal:

Supporting Your Recruitment Efforts

  1. Sometimes adding a creative twist, a change in perspective, or an additional element to recruitment efforts can lead to higher success, so pick and choose from this Recruitment Toolkit as you see fit.
  2. Use these fact sheets to demonstrate opportunities for individuals with these backgrounds or degrees:
  3. Business Hospitality
    Culinary Nursing
    Gerontology Recreational Therapy
    Healthcare Administration Social Sciences
  4. Military veterans bring valuable skills to the table, as this video attests.

Developing Current Employees

  1. Encourage employees to review this tip sheet on Growing Your Career.
  2. To help key team members further their knowledge-base, add them to the CALA Update e-newsletter distribution list. Email CALA with community, name, title and email address.

Explore these Roadmaps

Take a look at these tools and resources to help you explore career opportunities best suited to your skills.

  1. Use this Degree-Based Map to learn about positions suited to a variety of degrees.
  2. As an alternative, this Interest-Based Map helps individuals explore positions based on what they enjoy or are skilled at doing.

Other Resources

Career Center

Post positions and review resumes at the Career Center.