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Find Products & Services

The Buyer’s Guide is a handy way to connect with Associate Members. Use the index to quickly find companies and categories. Ads link to company websites. More

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2017 Legislation

The Governor has finished signing and vetoing bills. Learn more about the status of priority bills CALA has been working on. More

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Antipsychotic Toolkit

Download the Toolkit for Reducing Antipsychotic Use to track the number of residents with dementia that have orders for antipsychotic medications and ways to promote non-pharmacological interventions. More

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USC Graduate Scholarship

Application Deadline: May 18, 2018

This summer a qualified CALA member will receive a scholarship to earn a Master’s Degree, online or in-person, valued at $80,000+. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! More

Politics – (But Please Keep Reading!)
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Bill Gates reveals personal reason he’s helping fight Alzheimer’s disease
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Bill Gates reveals personal reason he’s helping fight Alzheimer’s disease
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Assisted Living Advocacy Day

April 4, 2018 | Hyatt Regency Sacramento
CALA’s annual Advocacy Day brings members to the State Capitol to educate legislators on the impact of proposed legislation to Assisted Living communities. You will meet with the offices of the legislators who represent your communities. More

InterFace Seniors Housing West

March 1, 2018 | Los Angeles
CALA members receive a 15% discount off registration to the InterFace Seniors Housing West, examining the state of the industry and a 2018 outlook. More

CALA News & Views: Belonging

This issue of the News & Views examines the many ways in which providers can foster a sense of inclusion and diversity. We may look different or have different beliefs, but if we create a culture of belonging, everyone can feel safe and welcome. More.

Order the 2017 Compensation Study

Wages are increasing and you want to hire and retain the best…make sure you’re setting fair, competitive wages with CALA’s Compensation Study. Order now to receive the study via email. More

Order Resident Quality of Life Brochures

Help prospects overcome barriers to decision-making with data from ProMatura’s 2016 survey showing the positive impact of Assisted Living. Full report and summary brochures for AL and MC available. More