Research shows building a team of quality staff members leads to a high quality of life for residents. These resources will help support you in your efforts to develop and retain new employees:

CALA’s Job Board

Post positions and review resumes on the Job Board.

Recruitment Resources

  1. This Recruitment Toolkit contains new ideas for adding a creative twist, a change in perspective, or an additional element to recruitment efforts, leading to higher success
  2. Use these fact sheets to demonstrate opportunities for individuals with these backgrounds or degrees:
  3. Use this Degree-Based Map to learn about positions suited to a variety of degrees, or this Interest-Based Map exploring positions based on skills and preferences.

Recruiting Military Veterans

Military veterans bring valuable skills to the table, as this video attests.

  1. Check out these Tools & Resources which help connect companies like yours with job-seeking veterans.
  2. Explore this Senior Living Job/MOS Code Equivalent Chart to support your search for right-fit candidates and positions.